The Yorkshire Canary...

At over 6 inches long the Yorkshire Canary is one of the largest canaries out there.

Yorkshire Canary Yellow

And with his...

--large chest and shoulders

--narrow waste

--and erect stance

...the Yorkshire has become known as the "Guardsman".

Also known as the "Gentleman of the Fancy", these canaries were developed in the mid-1800's and first shown in 1870.

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While the canary was developed in Bradford, England it was first shown in Yorkshire...hence the name...and intentions of breeders were to improve upon the appearance of the Lancashire canaries.

Development of the Yorkshire

Development of the Yorkshire included crossbreeding among the...

  • --Norwich
  • --Lancashire
  • --Belgian Bult 1935 desired standards of posture and size and shape for the Yorkshire were reached and little to no attention was given to its singing ability.

In the old days of the breed the Yorkshire was said to be so slender it could pass through a wedding ring.

A myth?

A fish story?

An out-and-out lie?

All of the above?

-->The statement is unlikely...but it does give us an idea of how important it was to have...

Tall Slender Yorkshire Canaries.

What time is it?  Five past seven...

The Yorkshire Canary stance should be at an angle that looks like a clocks two hands at 5 past seven.  See the canary pictures below.

Yorkshire breeding takes a little more effort than other canaries to insure excellent canary bird health and breeding success...

The diet is more demanding and the size of the canaries necessitates larger nests and cages.

Yorkshire Canaries painting

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Find a breeder of the Yorkshire here.

Learn more about the Yorkshire Canary by visiting the Yorkshire Canary Club.

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