Canary Diseases...

Cramps, bloating,
indigestion, diarrhea...

Canary diseases that effect the stomach
and digestive system are NO FUN!

You must know what to look for regarding digestive problems in canaries and how to prevent them with good canary care.

Your canary could get an upset stomach for a number of reasons...

--Imbalance of intestinal flora. If the bacterial balance inside the canary's digestive system ever gets away from normal levels he could develop an upset stomach. Canary health could really suffer from this.

--Bacterial infection.  There are scores of harmful bacteria that would love to get inside of your canary and multiply.

--Old Treats...again caused by bacteria on the food.

--Extremes in temperature.

--Overeating or obesity.  Are you feeding your canary cake and cookies?

--Too much egg food or other high protein foods.

Watch for...

--sitting on the bottom of the cage with fluffed up feathers

--heavy or rapid breathing

--excessive sleeping

--listlessness. When a canary is listless it's pretty obvious he's not feeling well.

Canaries are high energy birds. When they get one of the many canary diseases it's pretty apparent.

And, of course, two tell-tale symptoms are...

1.  Diarrhea

Diarrhea can be a serious problem--resulting in dehydration and malnutrition--if not dealt with quickly.

Stools will be soft or watery and sometimes different colors depending on which of the canary diseases your canary may have.

Reduce the amount of greens offered.

Feed him some dry uncooked oatmeal or cooked brown rice...these may help firm up his stool.  In really bad cases some have used Pepto Bismol. One drop every 4 hours directly into the mouth.  Be very careful not to overdose.

If possible see an avian vet for severe cases.  If your canary has one of the major canary diseases the vet will know best what to do.

The most important thing I do for mild cases is give him a probiotic...which will help with virtually any stomach problem. More on probiotic below.

2.  Constipation

This is not as serious as diarrhea but still a problem to be aware of.

Pay attention to the quantity of bird droppings at bottom of cage when he is healthy then... 

  • Be alert to a change in the amount droppings.

Your canary might

  • bob his tail up and down in an attempt to have a bowel movement.

Help loosen up the stool with...

  • a piece of apple
  • fresh greens

Get his system back in balance with...

  • Again...Probiotic.

As I said...Stomach problems could occur for a number of reasons...all of which will be helped with a healthy dose of...


Probiotic is a natural treatment that contains millions of tiny bacteria.  These bacteria help your canary digest his foods.  Often a stomach problem is simply caused by a lack of these good bacteria in his system.

Probiotic will help build up your canary's immune system against canary diseases.  That's GOOD canary care.

Caged birds are under more stress and get less exercise than in the wild.  High stress often means the creation of an imbalance of bacteria in the digestive system.

I use probiotic regularly...even when my birds are not sick.  It helps keep everything in balance.

Click here for more on Probiotic.

It provides soothing relief for intestinal distress and is a source of live naturally occurring microorganisms to aid in healthy digestion and good canary health.

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