Take the High Road! Be PROactive
in Your Care of Canaries...
Especially Regarding Tapeworms.

Sometimes being PROactive is the only way
to insure good care of canaries.

Good canary care will insure your bird is free of Internal Parasites.

Canaries in an outdoor aviary are much more susceptible to this canary disease. And, fortunately...

Tapeworms are generally not a common problem for the indoor pet canary.

Birds get tapeworms by eating an insect that is infested with tapeworms. AND...

Since your canary is inside the house most, if not all, of the time it rarely becomes a problem. Of course...

It's possible that your NEW canary was infested when you brought him home.


...will consume nutrients from the food your bird eats.  This may leave him malnourished and sickly. And

If your canary is losing weight, also referred to as "going light", it would be a good idea to have an avian vet take a look at his droppings.

You likely will see NO symptoms in your daily care of canaries until it's too late...

The tapeworms will multiply until they block your birds digestive tract...at this point death is not far away...and there is little you can do.

You may see a little blood at the vent and...

You may also see your canary listlessly sitting on the bottom of the cage one day-->and he'll be dead the next. 

So, you see, it's important to regularly...

Treat For Worms

Regular care of canaries includes treating whether you see symptoms or not. In another word "PREVENTION".

Treating a canary illness is great but it's even better to prevent the darn thing in the first place.

You never can be sure if your canary has worms...until the unhappy end.

Other worms that your canary may get are...

  • Thread Worm
  • Caecal Worm
  • Hook Worm

If you have any suspicions about tape worms or any other worms, if possible, see a vet to get the required medication.

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