Choosing and Using the Right Canary Nest
For Your Birds

When choosing a canary nest for your breeding canaries consider your options, nest placement, and use of nesting materials.

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In the world of canary bird nests you primarily have 4 choices in construction materials...Bamboo, Sticks, Plastic, and Metal.

I have used both bamboo and plastic but have not had the opportunity to try metal or stick.

My assumption is that if my canaries were to choose, they would choose the one that is most like the nests built by wild canaries in the Canary Islands and that is the stick or bamboo nests.


The plastic nest, however, is much easier to clean than bamboo and will last a lot longer.

And cleanliness is important. The hen and babies will poop in and around the edges of the nest. Keep it clean and keep your birds healthy.

It may cost you a little more than the bamboo nest but you will save money in the long run.

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Nesting materials for breeding canaries can include a nest liner usually made of cotton or felt. Liners are not absolutely necessary but sometimes hens are just not very good at building a quality canary nest and need a bit of help.  Liners provide that help.


  • gunny sack fibers
  • bathroom tissue (unscented)
  • thick cotton string (not fine thread)
  • coconut fibers
  • small pieces of soft cloth

When using gunny sack, cut it into 2 inch squares and pull out the individual strings. Place in the cage.

You can take a roll of bathroom tissue that is almost used up. Tie a string around it so it can't unroll and place in the cage or tie to the outside of the cage. Your canary will have fun tearing off bits for her nest. In fact...

...even if you have no intention of breeding canaries I suggest providing nesting material of some kind in the cage (like the items below) so your canary bird has something to play with. Canaries like to pick things up and carry it around so it's just another part of providing good canary care and making sure your bird doesn't get bored.

Of course, cutting up nesting materials can be time consuming. Thankfully online stores usually carry nests and prepared nesting materials.



Place the nest in the cage, attached to the bars, but make sure it is not directly under a perch or near a feeding or water dish.

Your canary bird hen will appreciate a little space of her own. If possible place the nest toward the top of the cage near a corner. She will feel safest here.

Be careful...don't place the canary nest so high she can't enter and exit easily. Keep the top of the nest at least 4 inches from the top of the cage. This will give her room to go in and out and also enough room to stand up and turn around in the nest.

Obviously, if she looks like she is crowded against the top of the cage move the nest down a bit.

Make sure the canary nest is secure and level. The last thing you want is to have your baby canaries falling to the floor of the cage.

Provide 2 canary nests per pair of breeding canaries. Before the first chicks leave the nest the female will begin a new 2nd nest.

Feed your canaries well during breeding time. The hen especially needs lots of nutrients to avoid illness and to produce eggs and care for the babies.

Make sure there are enough nesting materials available for her to build the 2nd nest...otherwise she may pluck feathers from her babies and use that in her 2nd canary nest! OUCH.

Build A Nest

Technically, you can make your own nest out of a lightweight bowl of some kind as this canary nest page suggests.

Just be careful and make sure the nest is full supported so that it doesn't ever sag on one side or fall down.

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