Canary Pet Cleanliness

You shower virtually everyday right? 

But how often does your canary pet bathe?

Great canary health is dependant upon keeping your pet canary bird clean. 

Birds are naturally clean've probably seen the neighborhood sparrows delightfully splashing around in a cool mud puddle after a spring shower...OR playing in your backyard sprinkler on a hot summer day.  Well...

Canaries love to bathe too.  If you provide the bath, your canary will bathe everyday.  Don't forget...A clean canary is a happy and healthy canary and a healthy canary is a...SINGING CANARY!

Canary Pet Bath

--"Canary Bath"
by Marsha Heatwole.--

The feathers of your pet canary are collectors of dust and other particles floating through the air and become dirty quickly.

Plus, your bird's skin and feathers slough off dander every day. And that dander ends up in floating around in the air of your home.  Not necessarily good for your breathing system or your canary's. If you're having a problem with dander try an air purifier. 

Good canary health depends on your pet canary bird getting a regular bath.

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Your canary will LOVE his bath...

He'll get in there and really splash water around the cage in his delight!  Any shallow bowl-like dish that will fit through the cage door will suffice.

I use those water catchers that gardeners put under their potted plants. I'm talking about the clear plastic ones that cost about 50 cents at Walmart. They're very flexible and can be bent slightly to maneuver through the cage door...

Just put 1/2 inch to 1 inch of water in and leave it for a couple of hours. Let him have fun. :-) Or...

You can get a bird bath for your canary that attaches to the door of his cage.  This is VERY cool.  It cuts way down on the mess of sloshing water and is very easy to make available to your canary.

Offer a bath early in the day.

That way he and the cage have all afternoon to dry out. You don't want to put your canary to bed with a "wet head".

He could catch cold!

An additional way to keep your bird clean is to use "Bird Bath Spray" or "Conditioning Spray".  This is a "less messy" way for a canary pet owner to help keep her canary's feathers clean.

It is a deep cleansing spray that invigorates and revitalizes your canary's feathers. It helps to "tighten" plumage making it softer and brighter.

It's VERY good for the health of your canary’s' feathers and will bring out his colors nicely. Just spray on and let your bird preen himself. :-)

Mite and Lice Spray AND Skin and Feather Spray

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Baths--and sprays--are especially appreciated during the hot summer months...
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