When Antibiotics Seem too Harmful for Your Pet Canary Use Probiotics.

The healthier safer choice for the pet canary.


Probiotic is designed to FLOOD your canary bird's system, during an illness, with GOOD bacteria or microbes.  This forces the excess BAD bacteria out of his system via urine and feces. 

Nothing is KILLED...no one is harmed. Your canary is healthier. (Unlike antibiotics which can be harmful...see below.)

This is the old...

  •  "Out with the bad and in with the new"...

solution.  Or...

  • "The best defense is a good offence." 

Its all about...

  • Doing something POSITIVE instead of doing something DESTRUCTIVE.

There is something poetic just in the names of these two medicines...

ANTI-biotic vs. PRO-biotic.

I looked up synonyms for both...

  • "Anti" = negative, adverse, conflicting, incompatible, repugnant
  • "Pro" = positive, effective, efficient, active, helpful

I choose to go "PRO" not "ANTI". 

Even if my birds are not sick...

I use a probiotic regularly...

...to keep my canaries systems healthy.

Probiotics for the Pet Canary

Canaries--being high stress birds--can become overly uptight.  This high stress can cause an imbalance in his system...thereby lowering his immunity to illness. Plus...

It's impossible to overdose with a probiotic.  It's an all natural supplement.  Nothing but GOOD can come from it.

Unlike an antibiotic...

An antibiotic can actually harm your pet canary if used at the wrong time or used too much.  Therefore I only use an antibiotic in the case of a seriously ill pet canary.

Be aware though that...

Antibiotics will throw a canary's digestive system into chaos. 

Antibiotics are simply the excepted treatment...not just for animals but for humans too--"Kill the offending bacteria and nurse yourself, or your pet, back to health AFTER the side effects of the antibiotic." However...

Antibiotics are not ALL bad.

Antibiotics work faster.  For a pet canary that is VERY sick an antibiotic may give him a quick fix and save his life...but is not a long term solution.

Probiotics work slowly.  Building and restoring over a long period of time. 

The ideal time to use a probiotic is BEFORE symptoms occur.  Then...

Add to the dosage when symptoms FIRST start to appear...

  • Listlessness
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Over eating
  • Excessive sleeping

If you miss these first symptoms and your canary starts...

  • Sitting on the bottom of the cage
  • Feathers fluffed up
  • Eyes closed

You've waited to long.  Now is the time to use antibiotic for a fast fix...At least that's the way I do it.  You must decide what's right for you.  The vet is your best bet in curing your canary.

The best thing for you to do with a sick canary is to see an avian veterinarian.  There are no simple and fast cures and if antibiotics are used improperly--or not used at all when they should be--you may do more harm then good.  Just keep in mind...

When you decide to diagnose and treat your pet canary yourself...you take a risk.  YOU have to decide whether the risk is worth losing your canary.

As my one of my favorite canary authors says...

"The veterinarian is the best person to treat a sick bird, but when one considers that the veterinarian's fee is likely to be more than the value of the bird, it makes sense for the (canary owner) to learn as much as he can about diagnosing and treating canary illness himself."  "The Canary Handbook" by Mathew M. Vriends...Click here for more.

Your vet can do a test and ,usually, see exactly what is ailing your pet canary then prescribe the right medication for his particular illness.

On the rare occasion--when I use an antibiotic for a pet canary illness--I also use a probiotic to replace all those "murdered" bacteria.  This is probably the...

MOST IMPORTANT use of a probiotic...

After the use of an antibiotic to help your canary's flora return to healthy levels. 

Probiotic when used regularly--before he gets sick--will build up your canary's flora and help him fight off the enemy-->canary illness.

Even if you choose to see a vet when your pet canary gets sick you should still use a probiotic.  Consider it insurance.  Insurance against a low immune system or bad digestive balance.

Speaking of insurance...

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Regarding probiotics-->A lot of canary owners have had good experiences with a product called ProBac Adult.  The manufacturer claims ProBac has billions of tiny health inducing bacteria per gram.

Plus...their website has more information on what a probiotic is and how it works.  It's very good information for the canary lover and...

It seems to have helped other people's birds quite a bit.  Less sickness and increased vitality.

It just might save your canary's life.

While your canary bird is recovering from his bacterial imbalance, help rejuvenate his immune system with an...

Herbal Immunity Builder

In addition to a probiotic...an herbal supplement is just the thing to recover lost energy and boost the immune system into overdrive for quick healing.  Click here to learn more about herbal immunity builders.

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