The Waterslager Canary

Developed in Belgium, the Waterslager Canary--like the Roller--often sings with his beak closed.

Waterslager Canary

The result of singing with a closed beak is a pleasant watery sounding tone.

This singer has, however, been known to open the beak to release the occasional...

Tidal Wave of Sound.

This LOUD but low pitched sound is attributed to the fact that the Waterslagers have a genetic disposition to be hard of hearing.

The sounds of the Waterslager canaries are...

A mimicking of water flowing or water dripping into a pool and the Waterslager MUST make these "water notes" or he will NOT be excepted as a true Waterslager.

The Waterslager Canary is one of the most popular canaries in Europe and the breed is almost as old as the German Roller.

These Song canaries can be seen in light to deep yellow only--with ticks (small dark specks) on some.

A few whites can be found but are not generally accepted among Waterslager canary breeders and clubs.

This unique Song canary is also known as the Water Singer, Belgian Waterslager Song Canary, or Malinois Canary.

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